"The real purpose of a goal is what it makes of you as a human being while you pursue it. Who you become as a person is the ultimate reward." - Anthony Robbins

It is a monthly review time. This is the time to assess your monthly progress towards your goals.

 As high achievers, we are so quick to remember our failures and forget how much we have gained & grown. Take 30 min to acknowledge your growth and plan for an awesome month.

Benefits of doing Monthly Reviews:

  • Acknowledging yourself for all the small wins
  • Learning and planning for a better next month & quarter
  • Seeing & being aware of your progress towards your annual goal

Best way to do Monthly Review:

  1. First, open 2 browser windows in chrome.
  2. Open 1 browser and go to dashboard.ownersup and then click “new group message” button on the right and paste the below in a “New Group Message”

Title the review post "your name" -"month Year"  example: Tanya- June 2018 and post your review in the "description" section* 

FYI: the ** **help bold text in the OwnersUP app

Monthly Review Questions


**1.. List and describe "aha moments", small wins this past month and things you want to remember (i.e., speaking event, client loss/won, or launch, etc)**

**2. How does this month differ from last month??**

**3. Go to “my progress” then click on wrapup section and look at the bar graph for the past 30 days. Write down the accomplishment time breakdown. Are you happy with how you spent your time? Name three things you can improve on this coming month.**

**4. What were the three biggest lessons you learned this past month?**

**5.. From 1 to 10, How do you feel overall about the past month?**

3. Open another browser go to dashboard.ownersup.com and then click “My Progress”. Click on tab “WrapUps” Scroll all the way down until you get to the first of the month of the month you want to review. See below the graphs upper right section “Filter By Type.” Click “Accomplishment”

4. Then for question 1 in monthly review write in caps the categories and jot down under each category any wins or ah-ha moments. For example, the category Sales write down #of prospects and # new clients. 


5. Go to “My Progress” click on “Goals” tab, and review your goals for the month you are reviewing and add any important lesson or findings from your goals for the month.

6. Click on “Messages” tab in the My Progress section and find your last month’s monthly review and read it. Then answer question 2.

7. Then click on “My progress” and click on “wrapups.” Write down in question 3. your break down in time and 3 things you can improve

8. Finally, answer questions 4 & 5

Celebrate all your learnings and accomplishments!!

PS. I like reading all of my monthly reviews every quarter and yearly. 

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