Tracking progress with goals

It's time to take a minute to learn about goals. We've put together two-minute video that walks you through the process

A problem we all face as Entrepreneurs is focusing on the wrong goals. We spin our wheels and wonder why we haven't moved an inch. It's time to say goodbye to goals like "get more clients" and say hello to goals with clear, measurable outcomes! 

Some tips for completing your goals

  1. Set a time each week (Sundays work for me) and review last week's goal progress and set new goals for the week
  2. The OwnersUP platform lets you easily see your goal progress and reflect on previous goals
  3. Schedule your weekly goal in your calendar. (Remember once you put the calendar entry in you can always drag and drop it to another time and day.)
  4. Make sure working through your goals is your most important task of the day. Do it first thing in the morning
  5. Complete the most challenging goal first. It is always good to tackle the hardest ones in the beginning of the week when you are fresh
  6. Keep your goals present. Write down your goals on your whiteboard, sticky notes, new tab pages or make your passwords your goals. 
  7. Share your goals with others- it will bring a new level of commitment and who knows who they can connect you with to achieve the goal.
  8. Example of a great goal
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