Get ready to be supported and encouraged out of your comfort zone by your champions.

It’s Game Time! Super stoked!

First Group Video Call

  • take the time to look at the members' section:  to get acquainted on your group member's businesses
  • Visit the zoom link 10-min before the call to download the zoom software
  • Get ready to give your 1 min elevator pitch when it is your turn

Everyone will get 11 minutes on the huddle seat. You will hear alert after your first 9 minutes to remind you that you have 2 minutes left.

First 2 mins: 

  1. Where did you spend your time last week? (This will be represented through a pie-graph distribution in your dashboard on the Owners^UP platform. So make sure you have the open on your web browser when on the call. )
  2.  Is where you spent your time aligned with your monthly goal?
  3. Did you hit your goals? yes/no If you didn't hit your goal. You will have fun consequences. 

Next 9 mins:

  1. Get support or feedback on challenges/obstacles you are facing.====>Maximize your success 

2 hours before the call:

  • Update the status of your weekly goals (hit/win & what you learned) in the OU app
  • Bring a challenge that you want to get support/feedback on.
  • If you have content that you would like reviewed on the call, please post in "group message" in the Owners^UP platform 48 hours before the call to give your teammates time to review.

Ground Rules 

  • If you can't make the call please notify Tanya immediately via email or text. 
  • If you are late to the call, get prepared to sing La Cucaracha song when it is your turn in the huddle seat.

Here are the lyrics:

La cucaracha, la cucaracha

Ya no puede caminar.

Porque no tiene, porque le falta,

Dinero para gastar.

Una cucaracha pinta,

Le dijo a una colorada,

"Vamonos para mi tierra,

A pasar la temporada"

**Most Importantly**


 What happens in OwnersUP, stays in OwnersUP. This is a safe space to be open and honest and protecting each other's privacy is critical. 

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