As an OwnersUP group, we do the following:

  • Always measure any business action
  • Committed to actions and results
  • Provide encouragement, unbiased feedback, and accountability
  • Learning, sharing, applying, and achieving
  • Strategize for growth
  • Be a resource to members
  • Celebrate victories
  • Sharing peer metrics and best practices



“There are only two options regarding commitment. You’re either in or you're out . There is no such thing as life in-between”- Pat Riley

  • 1 hour weekly video calls at a mutually agreed-upon time
  •  Each member gets 11 min “OwnersUP Seat” on the 1 hour weekly calls.
  •  Full attention while on call, no multitasking. It’s a video call so we can see you (smile you are on camera)!


  • DAILY WRAPUP= You take the time at the end of the day or the next morning to do your WrapUP.
  • TALLYUP= You set your revenue goals and enter revenue in TallyUP
  • GOALUP= Beginning of each month you enter your goals for the month and you update them on the Owners^UP platform
  • HUDDLEUP= You make every weekly video call unless on vacation or an emergency. 
  • MONTHLY REVIEW= At the end of the month you post your monthly review of your business.
  • SOUNDING BOARD= All members are expected to contribute and participate in both receiving and adding value



  •  If you are not able to make it, please email tanya@ownersup.com or text (917-783-3381)  24 hours in advance.
  • Members are expected to arrive on time to all meetings. If you do not make it on time you will have to sing a song when it is your turn on the huddle seat. 
  • No two accepted businesses within a group will be in direct competition with each other.
  • Everything discussed during a OwnersUP session is private.
  • Each OwnersUP team will consist of up to 5 Solopreneurs. 


We will be using Zoom.us to conduct our weekly video calls.


  • 1 min-Welcome 
  • 11 min- First member  “Huddle Seat”
  • 11 min- Second member “Huddle Seat”
  • 11 min- Third member  “Huddle Seat”
  • 11 min- Fourth member “Huddle Seat”
  • 11 min- Fifth member “Huddle Seat”

Total meeting time: 1 hr

Questions for your Huddle Seat:

  1. Where did you spend your time last week? This will be represented through a pie-graph distribution dashboard on the OwnersUP platform
  • Are you satisfied with where you spent your time? Why / Why not?  
  • Was this the outcome that you anticipated?

  2.  What were your goals for last week?

  •  Did you hit your goals? yes/no
  • What did you learn?

  3.  What are your goals for this week?

  4.  Brainstorm, questions, or feedback? 


OwnersUP Non-Disclosure, Non-Compete and Copyright Ownership Agreement 

I understand that the information discussed during OwnersUP or meetings and on any associated forum may be of a
confidential nature. During the period of my participation in this OwnersUP
Group, and any time thereafter: 

• I will neither copy nor distribute any material, or share other information
verbally or in writing, which comes into my possession as a result of my
participation in the Group. 

• I understand that material and information provided by others may be
copyrighted, and I will adhere to all copyright laws. 

• Directly or indirectly, I will not disclose to others outside the
group and/or use for my own benefit or for the benefit of others,
confidential information from this group. This includes, but is
not limited to, trade secrets, current or future product descriptions or
processes, customer lists, employee and prospective employee
information, financial statements, and information pertaining to the
business of the members or to any of their clients, consultants, licensees
or affiliates. I will also hold in confidence any personal information that
another member might disclose during their communication within the

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