Tracking progress with goals

It's time to take a minute to learn about goals. We've put together a video that walks you through the process

A problem we all face as Entrepreneurs is focusing on the wrong goals. We spin our wheels and wonder why we haven't moved an inch. It's time to say goodbye to goals like "get more clients" and say hello to goals with clear, measurable outcomes! 

It is goal time!

Grab your favorite beverage, play your favorite tunes, it is time to plan out your next month’s goal. 

You want to allocate 1 hour to  planning your goals. 

 The OwnersUP Goal Framework is engineered to provide you with direction and accountability to accomplish your business goals.  

Imagine how it would feel to have accomplished all your goals this month.

Amazing, right?!

You got this!  OwnersUP’s squad has your back. 

Your squad will be encouraging you every step of the way and you will achieve your goals!

Let the goal planning begin!

The OwnersUP Goal Framework is all about accountability and clarity through community. 

As a squad we will celebrate achieving our goals, share our knowledge with one another, and hold each other accountable. 

Some of you might have too many goals  you want to achieve in 1 month but aren’t sure which ones to prioritize. If that is you check out the Goal Prioritization sheet. 

The Goal prioritization sheet will help you  choose which goals to focus on for the month. 

How does OwnersUP Goal Framework work:

  • Before your first call of the month you will have completed your monthly review and set your goals for the months in the OwnersUP app.
  • On your first of month video huddle call you will go over the goals with your squad.
  • Every week you will report if you hit or missed your goal. If you missed your goal you will be singing a song when it is your turn on the huddle seat.

OwnersUP’s Goal Formula is called G.A.M.E.

 Goal Theme:  Action + Measurement = Effect


  1. Ask yourself:  What do you want to accomplish by  the end of this month that will move your company forward?
  2. Write down all the goals and the effect each goal would  have on your business if you achieved them
  3. Next open up the OwnersUP app
  4. Goal Theme: What is the theme of your month? For example, it could be Freedom = Delegation. Think of something that inspires you so every time you see your theme for the month, it motivates you to take action. 
  5.  Action: What action are you going to take that is in your control to achieve your goal. 
  • Ex: Create a drip campaign

    6. Measurement: How will you know it is accomplished?

  • Ex: that has 5 email sequence

    7. Effect: How will completing this goal impact your business?

  • Ex: It will help me nurture leads and convert them to customers

Now let’s enter into the app:

Notice that I all capped theme “sales machine” and Effect. This is so when I am looking at my goals I get inspired to take action. 

Next Steps

1. Add the due date. The due date should be before your next call
2. Add which category the goals fall under. 

3. List any obstacles, resources, & notes.

  • It is important to take time to reflect here. This is where your OwnersUP squad can help you.  

4. List each step and estimated time it will take. By breaking any goal down into its individual components, you eliminate resistance and greatly increase the odds of achieving it.

  • It is important to put how long each step will take so you can plan out in your calendar. 
  • Brainstorm and list all the tactics you can imagine to achieve this goal. Also brainstorm with your OwnersUP group on tactics (this is what differentiates OwnersUP with other goal setting techniques- we believe in diverse thought can bring unimaginable ideas & results.
  • It also gives you a platform to hold yourself accountable.

Things to Remember

  • Only write weekly goals you can control. 
  • Your weekly goal should be more than 7 hours, if its not then it's just a task and doesn’t need to be entered in OwnersUP’s app.
  • A question you should always ask yourself: Does this weekly goal help me reach my monthly TallyUP revenue goal? It’s important to keep your goal in sight and focus on what’s important for your business. Are you moving toward results or appearing “busy”? 
  • If you want to format your goals in the app please use markdown 

Tips & Tricks

Always keep your goals present. Here are tips on how I keep them present:

  • Add the goals in your calendar through OwnersUP app
  • I tell others about my plan- I find declaring my goals makes it even more real.
  • I write it on my whiteboard.
  • I also start setting my passwords to my goals. Great article on this topic.
  • I update my chrome home page with my goal.
  • I update my weekly goal progress in OwnersUP

Committing to a system you increase your odds of success. 

  • Every Friday or Sunday reflect on your week.
  • Did your actions cause the results you wanted?
  • What did you learn?
  • What would you do differently?

Be comfortable in trying things out. All you can do is control your actions and be in action!

Accountability Rules:

When will you be singing

  • If goals are not updated before the call
  • If you miss a goal

Goal Check List

  • Do you have a theme for the month? Is the theme in capital letters in the goal section? 
  • Did you use the goal formula GAME: Goal Theme: Action+ Measurement = Effect 
  • Is this a goal that is not business as usual.  Is this goal going to drive growth & efficiency in your business?
  • Did you break down the steps and time it is going to take you to achieve the goal?
  • Is each of your goals between 7 to 14 hours to complete. If it is less than 7 hours then it is not a big enough goal and it is a task. If it is more than 14hrs then you have to break it down to 2 goals. 
  • Does each of your goals have a 1 week due date before your next OwnersUP call?
  • Did you list all obstacles, resources, and notes that pertain to your goal?
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