The #1 productivity tool is........drum roll please......... journaling

One of the big reasons to keep a journal is to record small wins that otherwise might slip through your memory; record setbacks so you don't repeat them; categorize where you spent your time; and see patterns that would have been missed.  Why don't most entrepreneurs have a work journal???

Because good habits are hard to stick with! But don't worry, we have you covered with our Daily WrapUP format that allows you to celebrate your small wins and track your learnings & progress with your team so this habit will stick. :)

Watch the 2min video on how to do a Daily WrapUP.

In the video, we explain: 

  • How to do a WrapUp
  • Why it is valuable to you
  • How to access reports

WrapUp Questions

What makes a good WrapUp?

Great question! Here is an example of a good WrapUP

When do I write a WrapUp?

Write your WrapUp at the end of each weekday. This way the details of the day will be fresh. Every weekday at 5pm we'll send you an automated reminder to help! You can also change the time you receive the reminder by going to notifications in the account section.

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