Taking a few minutes out at the end of the day to think about what you learned  & accomplished you'll realize that you are always progressing, no matter how small or insignificant the day may have seemed.


=>>Format: It is important to write how you felt or how the day went so when you do your weekly & monthly reviews you will remember the context of that day.


I am running on 4 hours of sleep and coffee from the night before but overall a very productive day.


==>Format: estimated time + what you accomplished

  • put estimated time in front of each accomplishment
  • Most people don't really realize how much certain tasks take. It is good to put the time so when you review your week you start becoming aware which tasks you need to allot more time to or outsource.


  • 2 hrs- on Alphabet's marketing strategy #Retention
  • 1hr-Went to spinning class at BFX studios #Well Being
  • 2hrs- on setting up facebook marketing campaign #Marketing
  • 1hr- on the call with Numbers inc talking about their customer journey #Retention
  • 1hr- writing 10 follow up emails from everyone I met at the networking event- thank goodness for the Streak Template Emails. #Sales
  • 30mi-n on sales call with Blue company- the main question they had is the timeline from start to finish of coming on as a client.#Sales
  • 1hr -categorizing expenses in Quickbooks- I really need to outsource this #Other
  • 1.5 hrs- created 5 template emails: thank you intro, time to meet, what to expect from our company; Congratulations; and rescheduling #Systems


=>>Format: Lessons are super important; it is a great habit to learn something every day and be aware of it. It also helps you avoid repeating the same mistakes and continue doing the good lessons. 


  • I'm trying to think of the business in terms of a model of an uber-successful business. The model in my head has 2 crucial things I'm missing: (1) a huge amount of qualified leads coming in each day and a sales staff to convert those leads and (2) fulfillment system that can just chug through new clients at an extremely high level. This in mind I need to craft my goals to chip away at this long term model.
  • Streak is a great CRM tool and has saved me so much time following up with people using the template feature.


Weekly Summary Email
Every Sunday you will get a weekly report sent to you which has all your lessons listed out and summary of your business that week. It will consist of:

  • Your focus that week (that will be in the subject line)
  • The revenue you tallyup’ed and the % you have left to hit your monthly revenue goal
  • All the lessons you wrote that week (great to reflect)
  • The goals you completed that week and your active goals.

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