A number of OwnersUP members have requested to connect with other members and they said I wish there was a Slack or FB group.

 I thought about it ... analyzed....and asked myself what do people really want.

 I don't think they want another FB group to join.  I realized people want answers to their questions or want to be connected to certain people asap. They don't want to post a question and hope the right member sees it and replies back. Members have limited time and want the answer right away.

So please ask away! click on the smiley circle on the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard. See the gif below.  OwnersUP team will answer your questions within 24hrs or connect you to the right OwnersUP member.

Example of questions:

  • Any members have experience hiring a sales team?
  • What is the best linkedin email tool to use?
  • Any members manage FB campaigns?
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