Watch the 5min video on tips on how to do your monthly review

"The real purpose of a goal is what it makes of you as a human being while you pursue it. Who you become as a person is an ultimate reward." - Anthony Robbins

It is a monthly review time. This is the time to assess your monthly progress towards your goals. 

Make sure you complete the Monthly Review form

As high achievers, we are so quick to remember our failures and forget how much we have gained & grown. 

Take 30 min to acknowledge your growth and plan for an awesome month.

Benefits of doing Monthly Reviews:

  • Acknowledging yourself for all the small wins
  • Learning and planning for a better next month & quarter
  • Seeing & being aware of your progress towards your annual goal

Celebrate all your learnings and accomplishments!! 😊

PS. I like reading all of my monthly reviews every quarter and yearly. 

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