We are super rigorous with application and approval process. We’ve been there where you are in a group and you are not getting much out of it and wonder why the hell am I in this group. As an entrepreneur the only resource you have is time, we know your time is valuable so we made sure to put people in group’s where they will benefit from each strengths- almost like outsourcing your weakness. 

We made sure everyone is at the same level so everyone is contributing to one another. Optimize your time and resources with peer founders, success framework, and facilitator to keep you on course. We call it exponentially growing. 

  • Applications are collected throughout the month for the next group. We review each member and hop on a 20min call to see if they are passionate, demonstrate grit, and want to uplevel their business.
  • If they are approved they are placed in a group with upto 4 members. Chemistry is super important to us. One misplaced person can effect the whole group so we take this super seriously. 
  • Groups start in the begining of each month. On the first call we are already planning out the month.
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